Where to Buy Kettlebells? (2023)

So, you’ve decided it’s time to buy a kettlebell (or kettlebells), but you aren’t sure who sells the best quality kettlebells, at the best price, with the fastest delivery, and quite possibly with some kettlebell education so you know how to use them.

You might also be wondering what type of kettlebell you should buy, among other frequently asked questions for first time buyers. Good news, we have all the answers you seek. And even if you’ve bought kettlebells in the past, and you know exactly what you are looking for, this buyer’s guide will be helpful as these days a lot of sellers are sold out or have jacked up prices. So, we can help direct you straight to the source you are looking for. Below you will find the most up-to-date info on where to buy kettlebells.

Before webegin, we want to quickly explain the order of the informationin this post…

The first question people often ask is, “are kettlebells worth buying?”, so we will quickly answer that to start, just to reassure you that you are making a good decision and reading about where to buy kettlebells is worth your time. After that, we will get into the best types of kettlebells to buy and what to look for in a kettlebell, as there are various kinds of kettlebells, so we can help weed out the ones to avoid. That will save you plenty of time in your search for kettlebells. From there, we will finally get to where you can buy the best kettlebells at the best prices.

If all you want to know is where to buy kettlebells now, you can scroll right down to it. At the end, we will also answer to commonly asked questions, such as what size kettlebells to buy and how many kettlebells are needed.

To sum up the above, here is the table of contents:

  • Are kettlebells worth buying
  • Types of kettlebells
  • Which type of kettlebell is best and what to look for in a kettlebell
  • Where to buy kettlebells
  • What size kettlebells to buy
  • How many kettlebells you will need

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (1)


Kettlebells are absolutely and unequivocally worth buying. If you buy kettlebells for your home, they are almost guaranteed to become the most used training tool in your arsenal. With kettlebells, you can train for both strength and cardio. You can use them to build muscle and lose fat. There are countless exercises, some that apply only to kettlebell training, and many that render buying dumbbells for your home unnecessary (i.e. curls, RDLs, rows, front squats, etc.) Form grinds and ballistics to complexes and HIIT, the kettlebell is truly the most dynamic and versatile all-in-one strength and conditioning tool there is.

If you want to read more about why you should buy kettlebells before you get to the where to buy kettlebells, read our article on the top 18 benefits of kettlebell training.


With kettlebell training exploding in popularity over the past decade, you will find many different kinds of kettlebells with various shapes and sizes. That said, the best kind of kettlebell is the classic one that has been around long before kettlebells were a household name. This being the cast-iron kettlebell, which originates in Russia. Nevertheless, we will go over the different types of kettlebells quickly. As there is also another type of kettlebell worth buying for certain trainees.

Here are the main types of kettlebells:

  • Cast iron kettlebells
  • Competition kettlebells
  • Vinyl coated kettlebells
  • Adjustable kettlebells
  • Kettlebells with animal faces and skulls

For simple exercises that don’t involve much interaction with the kettlebell, like single leg deadlifts or rows, any of these options are ok. However, if you want to use your kettlebell in all the ways they should be used, especially how kettlebells were meant to be used (very dynamically), then you can scratch vinyl-coated, adjustable, and animal-face kettlebells off the list.

Here’s why…

Vinyl Kettlebells: They don’t have longevity or durability as they will crack and peel pretty easily over time. Moreover, they often uncomfortably grab and stick to the skin during exercises, such as the kettlebell swing. They are promoted as being safe for the floor, but the fact of the matter is, if you dropped it, a heavy weight will crack certain floors whether it is coated or not, and it’s highly likely you will be dropping your kettlebells inside anyway.

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (2)

Adjustable Kettlebells: The vast majority of adjustable kettlebells are even worse than vinyl kettlebells. They are awkward and uncomfortable (especially in racked position). You will be limited to only certain exercises. Moreover, most adjustable kettlebells are inefficient, flimsy and even dangerous. Drop them down and they are liable to break. Now, that said, if you really want an adjustable kettlebell, there are two sellers we can recommend, which is Kettlebell Kings and Titan Fitness (both the competition style adjustable and regular adjustable KBs), as theirs are the only two we know of that are good quality. Be that as it may, cast iron kettlebells are still far superior to even the best adjustable kettlebell options.

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (3)

Kettlebells with faces: Kettlebells with faces, of which you will find many (primates, skulls, demons, zombies, etc.), are cool and all, and they are made from cast iron which is great, but most of them are awkward to use for certain exercises, i.e. cleans and snatches. If you are not big on novelty and you don’t want to deal with the face getting in the way on certain exercises, skip kettlebells with faces and go for their smooth, circular, original counterpart, cast-iron kettlebells.

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (4)

The Two Best Kinds of Kettlebells - 2 Options

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (5)

If you want to take kettlebell training seriously and have kettlebells that will last nearly forever, then you need to choose either competition kettlebells or cast iron kettlebells.

Unlike plastic and vinyl kettlebells (and other kettlebells casted from two pieces of material), competition and cast iron kettlebells are constructed from one piece of steel (in the case of competition kettlebells) or cast iron (in the case of cast iron kettlebells). This means they are reliable in design, so you won’t ever have to worry about the handle separating from the base when swinging, cleaning or flipping the kettlebell. Both competition and cast iron kettlebells are extremely durable and designed to resist rust, breakage or chipping.

Check out the anatomy of a kettlebell for reference of certain terms:

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (6)

Competition Kettlebell Pros and Cons

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (7)

While competition kettlebells are a solid investment, there are some disadvantages to discuss. But first, let’s talk pros…

First off, if you want to do kettlebell sport, then competition kettlebells are a must as competitive kettlebell sport only uses competition kettlebells, hence their name.

If you don’t plan to do kettlebell sport, there are still some reasons why you may want to go with competition kettlebells.

Let’s talk design…

Competition Kettlebells are/have:

  • made from stainless steel
  • universally color coded, so all competition kettlebells will have the same color and weight ranges (ranging from 8kg-48kg)
  • the same exact physical size no matter what the weight is
  • the same exact handle dimensions no matter the weight (width, window, horn, corner) - hand is not as wide or curved as cast iron kettlebells
  • slightly square in design
  • smaller handle diameter than cast iron kettlebells
  • smoother and more porous handles than cast iron kettlebells

Considering the above, here are some pros and cons

(Video) Stop! Watch This Before You Buy KETTLEBELLS


  • Steel is extremely durable and corrosion resistant, so you won’t ever have to worry about damaging your competition kettlebell.
  • Having the same physical size no matter the weight is said to be good for practicing and improving in technical movements like the snatch and high-repetition movement like Snatches, Cleans and Jerks. As you transition to a heavier weight, the technique remains the same. You may find this smoother and easier for progressing.
  • The smooth steel handle is ideal for high repetition exercises that require you to slide your hand along the handle (i.e. Snatches, Cleans and Jerks).
  • The smaller handle diameter is less fatiguing on the grip (kettlebell sport often requires you to do as many reps as possible in 5 or 10 minutes, so you can see how this is important, as well as the smooth handle for friction).
  • Although the handles are smooth, which is not great when your hands get very sweaty during high-repetition exercises, the handle is more porous so it absorbs chalk perfectly, thus eliminating any issues with sweaty hands.
  • The finishing is really nice on competition kettlebells.


  • The handle width is smaller than cast iron kettlebells and the horn and corners are straightbecause they are made so your hand doesn’t slide side to side. With that, they are not meant to be used with two hands on one kettlebell. This is not ideal for beginners who prefer and need (i.e. two handed swings and goblet squats). And it’s not good for people who want to do very heavy KB swings.
  • Competition kettlebells are bigger in size, which makes them harder and uncomfortable to put into the rack position for some beginners and it makes doubles (racking and swinging between the legs) more trying. Cast iron kettlebells are more compact so they are less cumbersome and easier to use.
  • Competition kettlebells are more expensive.

All in all, competition kettlebells are great for intermediate to advanced kettlebell lifters, especially those who do or want to do kettlebell sport. Moreover, if you like competition style lifting (more on this in a moment), they are great. And thanks to uniformity in design among the various sellers, there isn't too much to look out for so long as you just choose a reputable seller, which we will tell you who is further below.

For context, let’s discuss two general styles of KB lifts…

Sportstyle vs Hardstyle Lifts

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (8)

Sportstyle, aka Girevoy Sport) involves a submaximal weight kettlebell and high repetitions. You will do the same exercise for max repetitions in a set time such as 5 or 10 minutes.

Hardstyle lifts (brought to the world by the famous Pavel Tsatsouline) focuses on efficiency and power production. This is what most people use kettlebells for as it is made for strength and conditioning. There are no timers, you just perform sets x reps while focusing on maximal body tension.

With hardstyle kettlebell workouts, you have two main categories of exercises, grinds and ballistics.

Grinds emphasize both concentric and eccentric movements. They are done slowly and controlled. Example of exercises that fall into the grind category are presses, front squats, goblet squats, rows. They are similar to conventional lifting.

Ballistics are explosive movements that create momentum to move the kettlebell against gravity. Ballistic exercises include the kettlebell swing, snatch, and clean.

Note: While sportstyle lifts are ballistic exercises, they focus on energy conservation, whereas hardstyle emphasizes power production.

Overall, the vast majority of us will want and prefer hardstyle kettlebell workouts. Hardstyle is best for overall strength, power and building muscle, whereas sportstyle is good for aerobic conditioning. Doing both can also be ideal.

Both competition and cast iron kettlebells can be used for hardstyle and sports style, but cast iron kettlebells are more versatile in this sense, whereas competition kettlebells are great for sportstyle but not so great for hardstyle.

Now, lets talk about Cast Iron Kettlebells, which we recommend beginners and anyone who is not planning to do kettlebell sport or who really wants a more well-rounded kettlebell training plan (rather than just sportstyle).

Cast Iron Kettlebell Pros and Cons

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (9)

The cast-iron kettlebell is the traditional kettlebell. It is the standard kettlebell that we all imagine when we hear the word “kettlebell”. If you want to have an all around kettlebell for strength and conditioning, a cast iron kettlebell is the way to go.

But, before we discuss the pros and cons of cast iron kettlebells, let’s go over the design for clarification.

Cast Iron Kettlebells:

  • are made from cast iron (one single cast)
  • can come in any number of weight (from 5lb-100lb on average)
  • have different physical sizes depending on the weight (their is no uniformity, the heavier the weight, the bigger the bell...also, different sellers have different designs and dimensions)
  • have bells that are more compact than competition kettlebells
  • have handles vary in width and diameter depending on the seller. However, they are always wider and slightly thicker than competition kettlebells.
  • have curved horns and corners.
  • have a rounder design, but also have a flat base like competition kettlebells.
  • have coating (such as powder coating or electostatic coating) for grip, durability, and resistance to corrosion.

Now let’s talk pros and cons.


  • Extremely durable and thanks to the coating they are resistant to corrosion. You can really beat the crap out of them and then still be able to give them to your great great grandchild someday ;)
  • The compact and round bell makes them more comfortable and easy to use. They are better for rack position and performing double swings, snatches, cleans, etc. will be much less awkward thanks to the compactness. This is definitely beneficial for beginners.
  • The wider and curved handles allow for two hands to be used on one kettlebell comfortably. So, you can do two handed swings, goblet squats and any other two-handed kettlebell exercise with ease. If you only can buy one kettlebell, this is an even more important point.
  • Cast iron coated black looks badass.
  • Best for hardstyle training (see above for info on what hardstyle training is), which is how most people train with kettlebells.
  • The thicker handle will give you better grip strength overtime (benefits of grip strength).
  • The coating on the cast iron allows for good grip even when hands are very sweaty.
  • More affordable.


  • If you do want to do very high repetition movements (5-10 minutes non-stop), cast iron kettlebells thicker handle leads to grip fatigue quicker. Moreover, if you have soft hands, the coating can be rough on your hands after a few minutes of non-stop use, but eventually your hands will toughen up so this is sort of a non-issue.
  • If the finishing is bad, there can be burrs that can tear up the skin. But this is a non-factor for good quality kettlebells with nice finishing, and we will only be recommending companies below who have good finishing.
  • You need to pay more attention to the design dimensions, as there is no uniformity among sellers, some design dimensions are better than others, and on that note, let’s talk ideal dimensions.

Ideal Cast Iron Handle Dimensions

Handle Width: 6.5-8in (depending on the weight)
Handle Diameter: 35-38mm (depending on the weight)
Window Height: 2.5-3in
Window Width: 4-5in

Must have a flat base

The rest of the dimensions are really not a big issue. Handle and window is the most important as you need to have the right grip for various movements.

What about Vinyl or Rubber Coated Cast Iron Kettlebells?

While the rubber coating gives the kettlebells some color and protection from scratches which you may like, we don’t recommend them for serious kettlebell trainees as the rubber is uncomfortable on the skin as it can stick to your skin. Whipping a kettlebell around and getting a rubber burn isn’t fun. Even if it doesn't irritate your skin, it makes the movements from rack position not as smooth. Cast iron to the skin is far more efficient.

Your best bet will always be a cast iron kettlebell with a matte powder finish.


Unless you plan to get into kettlebell sport, go for cast iron kettlebells. Cast iron kettlebells are more versatile, appropriate for all fitness levels, and a lot more affordable. With cast iron kettlebells, you can get killer workouts in for strength, endurance, and hypertrophy.

That said, some people prefer competition kettlebells. You really won’t know unless you try both. But just be warned, you will be paying a significant premium if you buy competition kettlebells.

Remember, if you want to do two handed single kettlebell swings, then cast irons are way better as the handle is wider.

(Video) THE BEST KETTLEBELLS (for most people)

Either way, the choice is yours. We will now tell you where to buy both competition and cast iron kettlebells, starting with the former.

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (10)


A lot of competition kettlebell sellers seem to be out of stock these days with many of their sizes. So, you may need to look at all the various sellers we are about to mention to see if they have the weight you want.

Kettlebell Kings

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (11)

Kettlebell Kings is a great company for competition kettlebells. Their main focus are kettlebells so you know they do it right. A lot of kettlebell sport competitions in the USA are using Kettlebell Kings competition kettlebells.

We highly recommend Kettlebell Kings for competition kettlebells. The quality is great, customer service is good, and they are usually have a good amount of weights stocked.

Weight ranges from 8kg (18lb) to 48kg (106lb), with prices ranging from $79-$299. They are expensive, that’s for sure. SHIPPING IS FREE.

Note: They are usually sold out on Amazon, so you’ll have to head over to their website.

They also have someSportstyle Workout Programs that you can buy.

Kettlebell USA

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (12)

Kettlebell USA’s competition kettlebells were designed with input from kettlebell sport champions, so they are official for kettlebell sport. While they are not as beautiful as Kettlebell Kings, functionally they are just as good.

Their kettlebell range form 6kg to 48kg, with prices from $109-$369. They are even more expensive than Kettlebell Kings. SHIPPING IS ALSO FREE.


Where to Buy Kettlebells? (13)

Titan is the more affordable option in this list. Their competition kettlebells range from 8kg to 40kg, with prices from $39-$154 (FREE SHIPPING).

The only issue is they are usually out of stock of many sizes. Give them a try if you want a cheaper option. Quality might not be as good as the others, but they are still perfectly acceptable.


Where to Buy Kettlebells? (14)

Rogue’s competition kettlebells will stand out from the rest since they are black rather than painted with the standardized colors. Moreover, they are made from cast iron and have powder coating, rather than being made from steel. Nevertheless, the physical sizes are the same across all sizes, and they adhere to typical competition kettlebell dimensions.

Note: They use the same color code, but it’s just a color stripfound at the bottom of the handle rather than the whole bell.

While the material of Rogue’s Competition Kettlebells differs from the rest, the dimensions are the same. The handles are 33mm like the rest of the competition kettlebells listed here. One special touch with Rogue competition kettlebells though is the four flat spots on the topside of the bell. It allows for more comfortable cleans and racks.

All in all, Roguecanget away with standing out from the rest in design. After all, they are an official sponsor of the CrossFit games and a powerhouse company, so they can do what they want really. They set trends.

These may not be used in kettlebell sport, but they can be used for sportstyle training without an issue crossing over to other competition kettlebells. So, they’d be useful for your home gym or commercial gyms if you plan to do kettlebell sport.

Weight ranges from 8kg to 48kg, with prices from $51 to $317. FREE SHIPPING

*Kettlebells heavier than 28KG are only available in the Continental 48 States & Canada.

One great thing to note is that Rogue competition kettlebells are almost always in stock.


If you prefer shopping on Amazon, there are quite a few options.

Powert, Ader Pro, Tactfit and Rage are our recommendation.

(Video) What Happens to Your Body if You Exercise with Kettlebells Every Day

***Below are affiliate ads where we will receive a small commission on any purchase you make.***

Shop Competition Kettlebells on Amazon


Rogue, Onnit, Kettlebell Kings

Rogue, Onnit, and Kettlebell Kings all have great cast iron kettlebells. They are standard single piece cast kettlebells with powder coatings. You really can’t go wrong with any of these brands. SHIPPING IS NOT FREE for any of these companies.

Rogue’s kettlebell weight sizes range from 9 pounds to 203 pounds, with prices from $25 to $246.

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (15)

Onnit’s kettlebell sizes range from 6kg to 32kg, with prices from $22.95 to $114.95 (unfortunately they are often sold out of many sizes).

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (16)

Kettlebell Kings has kettlebells in both KG and LB, with sizes ranging from 4kg to 92kg & 5lb to 100lb, and prices from $60 to $424. They are the most expensive of the bunch.

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (17)

Note: Both Kettlebell Kings and Onnit have paid kettlebell programs that you can buy. Onnit has their Onnit 6 program which is a 6-week program (essentially it has 6 weeks worth of workouts to follow along to). Kettlebell Kings has a bunch of programs but we aren’t sure how great they are as reviews are minimal.


There are plenty of options for cast iron kettlebell on Amazon. If you prefer to shop on Amazon you can search through to see what you like. Just make sure you buy cast iron kettlebells with a single piece casting and a flat base. SHIPPING IS FREE for Prime.

Our recommendations are CAP and Yes4All.


Where to Buy Kettlebells? (18)

At SET FOR SET, we’ve launched our own line of cast iron kettlebells. We took advice from seasoned hard-style kettlebell trainees when making the design of our kettlebells as to ensure the dimensions are perfect for all the various training modalities. Our handle width, handle diameter, window, corners, horns and base are all the optimal dimensions. We also use an electrostatic black matte powder coat finish for better grip and extreme durability and resistance.

While this is of course a plug for our own products, we truly do stand by our kettlebells. We guarantee absolute customer satisfaction.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose us if you want cast-iron kettlebells…

Why Buy Kettlebells from SET FOR SET

  1. We specialize in kettlebells. SET FOR SET has a narrow product focus so the products we do produce, we make sure they are done right. As mentioned just above, our kettlebell design and dimensions are exactly what you want from a cast iron kettlebell.
  2. We have tons of kettlebell education! Our YouTube channel has full length kettlebell workouts for you to follow along to. We are constantly putting out full length kettlebell workouts to keep your workouts fresh and effective. See our full length kettlebell workouts. We also have a kettlebell guide coming soon, which we guarantee is the best guide to kettlebell training that you will find on the internet.
  3. We have great prices. SET FOR SET has always aimed to remain competitive on pricing (both product and shipping - in fact, our shipping prices are the best). We make our equipment as affordable as possible without sacrificing on quality. Unlike most kettlebell sellers who jacked up the prices during the COVID pandemic, we kept our prices low so people could buy kettlebells without breaking the bank. We will always aim to give our customers the best prices so you can get the best bang for your buck.

SET FOR SET Kettlebell Sizes & Price:

18LB ($39.95):

Handle Width: 6.50in
Handle Diameter: 1.37in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4in
Total Height: 7.75in
Front Width: 4.60in
Side Width: 4.15in

26LB ($49.95):

Handle Width: 7.50in
Handle Diameter: 1.44in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4.7in
Total Height: 8.5in
Front Width: 5.3in
Side Width: 4.75in

35LB ($69.95):

Handle Width: 7.6in
Handle Diameter: 1.5in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4.7in
Total Height: 9.45in
Front Width: 6.25in
Side Width: 5.25in

40LB (79.95):

(Video) Kettlebells - Cast Iron vs Competition - AVOID THESE MISTAKES!!!

Handle Width: 7.68in
Handle Diameter: 1.53in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4.7in
Total Height: 9.75in
Front Width: 6.4in
Side Width: 5.75in

44LB ($87.95):

Handle Width: 8in
Handle Diameter: 1.53in
Window Height: 2.9in
Window Width: 5in
Total Height: 10.25in
Front Width: 6.5in
Side Width: 5.9in

53LB ($105.95):

Handle Width: 7.75in
Handle Diameter: 1.56in
Window Height: 2.50in
Window Width: 4.7in
Total Height: 10.4in
Front Width: 7.2in
Side Width: 6.3in

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (25)


The two types of kettlebells you want are either Competition Kettlebells or Cast-Iron Kettlebells.

For those who want to do standard all-around kettlebell training, go for cast-iron kettlebells. If you want to do kettlebell sport, get yourself competition kettlebells.

The majority of us will be using cast-iron kettlebells. It’s really that simple.

As for where to buy kettlebells, any of the brands we mentioned above are great. You absolutely won’t regret buying a kettlebell from any of these companies. You'll also find these companies made it on our list of the Best Kettlebells on the market.

If you want cast-iron kettlebells, we hope you will choose us at SET FOR SET. We are a young company striving tocontinuedoing great things, and you can expect us to keep pumping out tons of great kettlebell education.

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (26)

SET FOR SET Kettlebell

SET FOR SET kettlebells are forged from 100% Cast Iron making them absolutely unbreakable. Finished with an electrostatic black matte powder coat this is the perfect addition to your fitness arsenal...


Visit our YouTube for kettlebell training

Where to Buy Kettlebells? (27)


If you aren’t sure what size kettlebell to buy, please read our guide to choosing the right kettlebell size (or sizes) for you. This has everything you need to know to make an informed purchase on the right kettlebell size.

What size kettlebell should I buy?


As a beginner, we recommend that you start with one kettlebell. There really is no need for two kettlebells when first starting out. Over time, and as you master single kettlebell movements (which are the essentials), and you get various weights, you can get a kettlebell of the same size as one of your kettlebells for double kettlebell exercises. From there, you can keep adding to your kettlebell arsenal with one or two kettlebells at a time. Eventually, as you progress, your kettlebell collection will grow.

That said, if you want to start out with 2 or more kettlebells, we recommend that you get a light, medium and heavy kettlebell (relative to your strength), rather than 2 kettlebells of the same size. This will allow you to do various exercises with an adequate weight (i.e. presses with light kettlebells, swings with a medium kettlebells and goblet squats or deadlifts with a heavy kettlebell). Having one kettlebell of each size is fine as you can just do your right side, then your left side, which is also going to strengthen your core, as well as your endurance as your working time will be longer (win-win). Again, after you master single kettlebell movements, you can geta kettlebell of the same size for doubles.

If you still aren’t sure whether you should buy a set of ketltebells, read our whatkettlebell size to start with guideas we go more in-depth on how many kettlebells you will need in there.

Here’s proof that there is so much you can do with a single kettlebell - Top 50 Single Kettlebell Exercises

(Video) Choosing Kettlebell Sizes (For Men & Women)

Have questions for us? Please feel free to reach out to us. We are always happy to chat and help out.

Buy Kettlebells from SET FOR SET


Which kettlebell is best for beginners? ›

If you want a kettlebell, the first question to answer is what weight you should get. If you're getting only one, which you should as a beginner, I recommend a 16-kilogram bell for men and a 10-kilogram bell for women (get a 12 kg bell if 10 kg isn't available).

How big of a kettlebell should I start with? ›

Murdock and Masiello suggest women start with 8kg (or 18lb) kettlebells, and Masiello suggests men start with 16 kg or 33 lb ones. Murdock also notes that kettlebells generally come in kilograms and not pounds (1 kg lb is 2.2 lbs), so make sure to pay attention to the numbers.

Are kettlebells worth buying? ›

You burn more calories

While not every new fitness craze is worth it, kettlebells are one that actually meet the hype. If you haven't tried them, give them a go. You'll definitely be glad you did. With some guidance and persistence, you'll quickly see the results and see what all the fuss is really about.

What size kettlebell should I lift? ›

If you plan to do a lot ballistic workouts with the kettlebell and you have never done any of such activities before, starting with 18LB is good for women while 26LBS will be alright for men. If you had done some moderate ballistic workouts before, 35LBS is a good start for men and 26LBS is okay for women.


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