Purple Cars: Which Vehicles Are Your Best Options? (2024)

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Purple is one of the most popular colors out there, but it’s not exactly one of the most common colors in vehicles.

Why don’t cars come in purple very often?

Well, there are a few reasons. For one thing, the market for purple vehicles is a little more limited than a lot of other colors because people don’t necessarily want to stand out. But the other reason, and possibly the bigger reason, is that purple is an incredibly difficult color to create.

That means that the people behind vehicle colors have worked long and hard to create a range of purples that both meet expectations for the color and also have the other qualities and the kind of durability needed for vehicle paint.

The good news is that, now that we’re in 2022, there are plenty of purple car color options, just in time for Pantone to make2022’s color of the yeara shade of bluish-purple!

Top Purple Cars

There are a lot of purples out there, from paler lavender colors to brilliant royal purples that almost look black until they hit the right light. Most of the cars on our list tend toward the darker spectrum where you find the most saturated and brilliant purples, but that’s not because the lavender tones are any less beautiful!

Instead, most of the vehicles that look best in purple come in the brilliant jewel tones.


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Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster in Viola Parsifae

Lamborghini is known for the beauty of their vehicles, but the Aventador really stands out.

Admittedly, the Aventador looks good in almost any color, and can even make matte white look like a luxury color, but there’s something especially majestic about Aventador in Viola Parsifae.

Viola Parsifae is one of the more beautiful deep purples that turns a much brighter more brilliant color in full sunlight. And the Aventador’s swoops and curves take full advantage of the color’s full spectrum from light to dark.

Nissan GT-R V-Spec in Midnight Purple III

The Nissan GT-R comes in a stunning Midnight Purple, well worth the extra attention it’s likely to get on the road. Unlike some of the more common colors of purple, Midnight Purple III is more of a reddish plum, the part of the color spectrum where deep maroon and violet meet.

This deep classic-looking color really highlights the classic lines of the GT-R, giving its boxy outline a lot of gravitas as power, as well as making it a more beautiful version of itself.

Ferrari 488 Pista in Viola Hong Kong

Ferrari is known for beautiful and fast vehicles, and their designs will stand out in literally any color. The Ferrari 488 Pista is one of those cars that looks good in just about any color and can be a lot of fun to drive no matter how you decorate it.

But Viola Hong Kong, aside from just being a beautiful purple, is a great option for the Ferrari 488 Pista because it helps show off the design, and is bright enough that you can always see how purple it is, no matter what light you’re looking at.

The best versions have yellow or gold highlights that make the bright purple color stand out even more.

BMW M5 in Purple Silk Metallic

BMW is another of those brands that has a very distinct look, they might not be the world’s most beautiful vehicles, but they are highly identifiable, and can even be called more handsome vehicles than many.

Purple silk metallic is a wonderful choice for almost any BMW, but especially for the M5. Purple Silk Metallic is almost the class purple vehicle color most people picture when they think of a purple car. It’s dark, but not as heavily saturated as a lot of the alternatives which makes it feel a little less intense than some of the alternatives.


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Dodge Challenger in Plum Crazy

The Dodge Challenger has a good reputation for most people and is seen as both one of the more attractive modern muscle cars, and one of the more powerful options. It’s maneuverable, easy to drive, and an absolute joy behind the wheel.

The Challenger is one of the vehicles that typically looks good in just about whatever color coat you want to put on it, but it’s also one of the vehicles that really helps make purple tones shine.

You might hear some people talking about what cars deserve to be red, well the Challenger might deserve to be red, but it also deserves to be purple.

Plum Crazy might sound like more of a plum tone, on the red side of purple, but it’s more in the middle. A true purple with good saturation and depth, this one stands out on the road without being too intense to look at.

Audi RS6 in Merlin Purple

Merlin Purple is the name of a color you really want to evoke images of wizards, magic, and powerful things. Fortunately, it’s also a color that does a good job of representing its name (though Mystichrome might have done even more to earn the name Merlin Purple, we’ll talk about that next…) and is a beautiful shade for just about any vehicle.

Of course, the Audi RS6 is our top pick for this color, not just because of its stellar road performance, but also because of how well the deep violet works with the design of the vehicle.

Not normally a terribly eye-catching option, the RS6 is attractive, but not stunning. Until you paint it purple that is. In the right conditions, and the right color, this is a car with hidden star quality, and Merlin Purple is an excellent match.


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Anything In Mystichrome

Admittedly Mystichrome is a color, not a vehicle, but it’s worth a mention on this list. Mystichrome is perhaps one of the best names for a car color ever, the multicolored finish turns from a brilliant violet to a brilliant green, which highlights all the best features of your vehicle.

Bright violet, peaco*ck blue, and emerald-green are the primary colors in a Mystichrome coat, and seriously, this car paint looks good on just about every vehicle.

Primarily available as a custom paint job, if you want to turn your existing vehicle purple, or want to feel like you’re transporting from place to place via spell, Mystichrome is one of the best color choices out there.

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Purple Cars and Vehicle Colors

The rarity of purple cars in the automotive market is influenced by several factors. Firstly, the limited demand for purple vehicles is attributed to the fact that many consumers prefer colors that are less attention-grabbing. Additionally, the creation of purple as a vehicle color presents significant challenges due to its complexity and the need to ensure durability and quality. However, with advancements in technology, there are now more options for purple car colors, especially with the announcement of Pantone's color of the year for 2022 being a shade of bluish-purple.

Top Purple Cars

Several notable vehicles are available in various shades of purple, each showcasing the unique appeal of this color in the automotive world. Some of the top purple cars include:

  • Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster in Viola Parsifae: This deep purple shade accentuates the Aventador's design, especially in full sunlight, showcasing a spectrum of colors from light to dark.
  • Nissan GT-R V-Spec in Midnight Purple III: This reddish plum shade enhances the classic lines of the GT-R, adding a sense of gravitas and beauty to the vehicle.
  • Ferrari 488 Pista in Viola Hong Kong: The bright purple Viola Hong Kong color complements the design of the Ferrari 488 Pista, making it stand out even more with yellow or gold highlights.
  • BMW M5 in Purple Silk Metallic: This dark, yet less intense purple shade is a popular choice for the BMW M5, offering a classic and sophisticated look.

Additional Purple Cars

Other notable purple cars include the Dodge Challenger in Plum Crazy, which shines in a true purple tone, and the Audi RS6 in Merlin Purple, where the deep violet color adds a touch of hidden star quality to the vehicle. Additionally, the unique Mystichrome color, while not specific to a single vehicle, offers a multicolored finish that transitions from brilliant violet to green, making it a standout choice for car enthusiasts.


The availability of purple car options has expanded in recent years, offering a range of beautiful and captivating choices for consumers. Whether it's the majestic Viola Parsifae on a Lamborghini or the classic Purple Silk Metallic on a BMW M5, the allure of purple in the automotive world continues to captivate enthusiasts and drivers alike.

Purple Cars: Which Vehicles Are Your Best Options? (2024)
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