Madeline Argy Says Breaking Up with Central Cee Was Like 'Ripping the Band-Aid Off' After Relationship Got 'Toxic' (2024)

Madeline Argy Says Breaking Up with Central Cee Was Like 'Ripping the Band-Aid Off' After Relationship Got 'Toxic' (1)

Madeline Argy is spilling the tea for the first time on her private-but-not-secret relationship with Central Cee.

Argy, who joined Alex Cooper’s Unwell Network last month, opened up about her two-year “entanglement” with the U.K. rapper on Wednesday’s episode of Call Her Daddy.

It was one of the first times the U.K.-based influencer has spoken publicly about the relationship, which she shared ended two months ago. “I made the final call,” she told Cooper. 29.

Argy, 23, said she had known they needed to split for a while before she actually did anything about it, noting that it was “hard because we both were a little bit obsessed with each other.”

“It was a lot of back and forth and like, kind of in a fun, toxic way when you’re like, oh God, this needs to end, but f--- it, let’s go on one more trip together or let’s have one more night.”

She said they would “have that conversation” about why the relationship was no longer “fulfilling” them and that they “were not happy,” but, as many toxic relationships tend to, they’d just end up back where they started: together.

Madeline Argy Says Breaking Up with Central Cee Was Like 'Ripping the Band-Aid Off' After Relationship Got 'Toxic' (2)

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“It needed to be like ripping the Band-Aid off,” Argy, whose debut podcast Pretty Lonesome premieres Monday, told Cooper of the breakup — though it was easier said than done.

The moment she realized she needed to go through with it came after she admitted something to a friend, a rare slip-up as Argy said she kept much of the details of her relationship to herself.

“I told her something and from that point, I was like, 'OK, I have no choice. This relationship has to end now,'” she said, adding that whatever she’d admitted was “humbling.”

Madeline Argy Says Breaking Up with Central Cee Was Like 'Ripping the Band-Aid Off' After Relationship Got 'Toxic' (3)

The split was also spurred by a realization from Argy, who posted her first TikTok video in March 2021 and quickly amassed followers (4.8 million on TikTok) who identified with her vulnerability and hold-nothing-back style of content.

“I really didn’t like who I became, towards the end especially,” she told Cooper. “One thing that always got to me was he always said I was rude. And I really pride myself on not being f---ing rude — to anybody.”

She continued, “I understand that I’m a little bit shy and sometimes I can come off like I’m not interested but I’m actually just like — I don’t know what to say and so I don’t say anything. But then I was like, no, you’re right. Whenever I’m in a room with your friends, or your family, or your co-workers, I don’t say anything and I become this really closed off, small version of myself. And I feel like everything I say is stupid or everything I say is wrong somehow.”

In the weeks since their split — and particularly during her time at her first-ever New York Fashion Week — Argy said she’s pushed herself.

Though her confidence took a hit during her relationship with the "Sprinter" rapper — who went viral for his hit "Doja" last summer, on which he sings of Argy, "How can I be hom*ophobic? My bitch is gay," and which made him the most-streamed U.K. rap artist — she said she’s “really brought it back.”

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Madeline Argy Says Breaking Up with Central Cee Was Like 'Ripping the Band-Aid Off' After Relationship Got 'Toxic' (4)

Though NYFW brought her an opportunity to grow and meet new people, it also offered temptation.

“It's New York Fashion Week and he was here, and I had no intention to see him, but I got the text,” she said, sharing that she nearly slipped up and reunited with the 25-year-old rapper, whose legal name is Oakley Neil H.T Caesar-Su.

“My friend was like, ‘Don’t you f---ing dare, you don’t need to do this,’ and I was like, ‘No. I’m absolutely not going to.’ And I went to bed, and I expected to wake up the next morning being like, ‘Thank f---ing God, I held my own in that situation.' And I woke up like, 'Nah I really should’ve f---ed him,'” she admitted.

“I texted my friend, ‘I actually think I’m addicted to chaos. I think I wish I woke up this morning like, Oh my God. Crazy. Went to his hotel. Left at 5 am. Got back here, felt like that,’” Argy continued. “And I was like — how can I possibly want that? It’s an actual addiction.”

Argy also shared that the last time she saw Central Cee was at Olivia Rodrigo's dinner with FACE in August.

“The last time I saw him was actually Olivia Rodrigo’s dinner party, that was the last time I ever saw him. And there was definitely some sensed tensions at that, but we’d gone to the dinner together, and I think I could kinda see people’s reactions at the dinner table, like, ‘Oof something’s going on.’”

The tension between them was so obvious that even the “Vampire” singer noticed it. “I’m pretty sure Rodrigo herself checked in and was like, “Are you OK?” She’s like, ‘What the f--- is going on?”

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Though they’re no longer together, Argy said she wishes her ex nothing but the best as she told Cooper she’s still celebrating his success.

“He is in such an exciting part of his life and I’m so happy for him. This is a huge – everything he’s doing is huge, everything is exciting,” she said, adding that his recent success made her think. “I was like, why are we forcing each other to be in this situation? I don’t want this toxic, horrible – what it became, horrible – situation to be always in the back of your mind.”

She also put an end to speculation that their relationship was nothing more than a bid for more attention, a theory that had circulated online. “The thing that nobody actually believes is that it wasn’t PR. If it was PR I probably would’ve posted him more than three f---ing times. We kept it secret for quite a while.”

Madeline Argy Says Breaking Up with Central Cee Was Like 'Ripping the Band-Aid Off' After Relationship Got 'Toxic' (2024)
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