7 Custom Truck Accessories for All Pickup Owners – Autowise (2024)

Why are pickup trucks so popular these days? That’s an easy question to answer – it’s because they’re extremely functional, especially when customer truck accessories are added to the truck. Full-size pickup sales have increased almost 100% over the last decade and they continue to rise because people are now able to drive/ride in a spacious and comfortable automobile while also having the ability to perform other functions.

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Another reason that pickup truck sales continue to skyrocket is that they’re becoming more fuel efficient, so drivers are able to haul, climb, and power through just about any condition – all while riding in style and comfort. So, all in all, trucks have gotten way better over the last decade or two. However, thanks to a lot of smart engineers and regular people that dream up innovative ideas, there are several custom truck accessories that can add so much more functionality to your truck and at a very low cost. While there are plenty of good interior accessories available, we’re going to focus on exterior accessories only. Below are some of the most affordable and functional custom truck accessories that we believe every pickup truck owner could benefit from adding:

Truck Bed Covers & Tonneau Covers

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These nifty bed covers are a must-have for all people with a pickup truck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a job with thousands of dollars of tools in the back of my truck and (against any forecaster’s predictions) a huge rain storm pops up and soaks all of my tools, making it a big Rust-fest. Whether you’re transporting household goods or if you’ve got expensive tools that don’t necessarily like rain, truck bed covers and tonneau covers are extremely beneficial. Not only do they shelter fragile goods, but they help improve gas mileage also. Camper shells aren’t bad choices either, but it depends on what you want out of your truck. Either way, without camper shells or a bed cover, truck beds can cause some extra/unwanted drag and resistance for the vehicle. Covering the bed when it’s not in use makes the truck more aerodynamic, thereby increasing your gas mileage, making one of the most important exterior accessories you can buy.

Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Systems

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Most truck models will greatly benefit from an aftermarket cold air intake system. These systems typically come with much better filters and designs that allow maximum airflow which increases engine horsepower, torque, and gas mileage.

Truck Bed Storage Systems

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Without adequate storage space, a truck wouldn’t really be a truck. Truck beds are always nice, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep everything organized and together so that it doesn’t slide around all over the truck bed. That’s why the Truck Stop Cargo Bars are a must have. The bar attaches to your strap hooks and is adjustable for trucks of different widths. Not only is the cargo bar extremely effective, it’s also very affordable, usually just costing $20-30.

Want to add even more storage space to your truck bed? Grab yourself a decked truck bed storage system. These systems are typically affordable, but if you want a decked system that is fitted for your specific model of truck, they can get a little pricey. However, they’re amazing and totally worth the money. Decked storage systems are perfect for people who enjoy organization, while sheltering tools and other belongings. Decked truck bed storage systems also create a whole other layer of storage space on top.

LED Light Bar

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Whenever I first saw the LED light bars on trucks, I figured people were just adding them to make their truck look cool and different. While this is often the case, these things can serve great purpose. Driving off-road at night? Flip on the light bar for some extra bright lights. For those that work construction, you probably have plenty of instances where you have to work after sundown. I use my LED light bar for this very reason on a weekly basis. The LED lights use a surprisingly low amount of electricity so it’s not necessary to run your truck the entire time you’re using.

Trailer Hitch Cargo Platform

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As I mentioned earlier, storage is one of the most important factors of a truck. For those that can’t have too much storage space, and that don’t want to haul around a huge trailer, the trailer hitch cargo extension may be just what you need. These cargo platforms slide into the female end of your truck hitch. They’re built with solid steel construction and typically able to handle over 500 pounds of cargo. There are many great variations of these platform designs, including platform extensions that come equipped with racking to transport bikes and other gear.

Toolbox and Tool Stands

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If you don’t want to fork over $1,000 for a decked truck bed storage system, a toolbox and tool stand may be sufficient. Truck bed toolbox storage systems are usually enough to store most of your tools. It’s a great way to keep them sheltered/dry and they’re usually equipped with a lock to prevent tool theft.

Tool stands are a great way to store tools like garden tools and other tools with a handle. The only con of a truck bed toolbox is that it can take up to 2ft of depth away from your truck bed. This usually isn’t an issue if you have a full-sized truck bed, but for extended cab trucks or trucks with shorter beds, that may not always leave much room left. Tool stands, on the other hand, save a great deal of space by allowing your tools to stand up. This usually doesn’t steal anymore than inches from the length of your truck bed.

Mud Flaps

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One of the other important abilities of a truck is the ability to drive in off-road conditions. However, driving in these conditions usually leaves your truck caked in mud. Driving in these conditions (especially often) can also result in damage to your paint job. Mud flaps are extremely affordable and easy to install. They’re definitely worth the money considering the amount of money you would spend repainting your truck or by having to make countless trips to the car wash.

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Now, let's discuss the concepts mentioned in the article about pickup truck accessories.

Pickup Truck Accessories

The article discusses the increasing popularity of pickup trucks and highlights several custom truck accessories that can enhance the functionality of these vehicles. Let's explore each concept mentioned in the article:

Truck Bed Covers & Tonneau Covers: Truck bed covers and tonneau covers are essential accessories for pickup truck owners. They provide protection for the truck bed and its contents, shielding them from rain, dust, and theft. Additionally, these covers can improve gas mileage by reducing drag and increasing aerodynamics.

Aftermarket Cold Air Intake Systems: Aftermarket cold air intake systems are designed to improve the performance of truck engines. These systems provide better airflow, resulting in increased horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. They often come with improved filters and designs, allowing for maximum airflow.

Truck Bed Storage Systems: Truck bed storage systems are crucial for organizing and securing tools and other belongings in the truck bed. The article mentions the Truck Stop Cargo Bars, which are adjustable bars that help keep items in place. Additionally, decked truck bed storage systems are recommended for those who require additional storage space. These systems create an extra layer of storage on top of the truck bed.

LED Light Bar: LED light bars are popular accessories for pickup trucks. While they can enhance the appearance of the truck, they also serve a practical purpose. LED light bars provide extra bright lights for off-road driving or working in low-light conditions. They consume a low amount of electricity, making them efficient to use.

Trailer Hitch Cargo Platform: For those who need extra storage space but don't want to haul a trailer, a trailer hitch cargo platform is a suitable option. These platforms slide into the truck's hitch and can handle over 500 pounds of cargo. They are made of solid steel construction and offer variations with additional features like bike racks.

Toolbox and Tool Stands: Tool storage is essential for truck owners, and the article suggests using a toolbox and tool stand as alternatives to expensive truck bed storage systems. A toolbox provides shelter and security for tools, while tool stands allow tools with handles to stand upright, saving space in the truck bed.

Mud Flaps: Mud flaps are affordable and easy-to-install accessories that protect the truck from mud and debris. They help prevent damage to the paint job and reduce the need for frequent car washes. Mud flaps are particularly useful for off-road driving.

These custom truck accessories mentioned in the article can enhance the functionality, convenience, and appearance of pickup trucks. Whether it's protecting the truck bed, improving performance, increasing storage space, or adding extra lighting, these accessories offer practical solutions for truck owners.

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7 Custom Truck Accessories for All Pickup Owners – Autowise (2024)
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